Monday, January 31, 2011

Ummm I don't really know what to call this... So I guess that's the title...

I feel like my last post was a disappointment... like there wasn't anything special about it... so I have to make this post really REALLY special! :D Do you know what I've been craving lately? Toast. It seems crazy, but lately, I've really needed some toast!
Ok! So I have decided that I really like those pictures that are all black and white except for like one thing! They're so stellar!

Haha! This week has started out to be cu-razy! I have to help get the pictures of kids for the yearbook and all I have to do is ask them what color background they want.
"So what color do you want as your background?"
"Ummmmmmmmmmmm what are my choices again? Just kidding I want emerald green!"
"Ok cool beans!"
"No! I changed my mind I want silver!"
"Ok that's fine"
"Actually how do you think red would look?"
After doing that 25 times, it gets old :P haha.
So I have found my neon orange jacket! Haha! I think my jacket is so bright you could probably see it from a mile away! (Well maybe not a whole mile, but close to a mile... Like 3 feet...).

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  1. Ooh, I love that effect on photos! The one with the soccer ball is great! Arrgh, poor you! Hey, it'll be worth it in the end :P