Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions! (Even though it's alittle late for that)

So I feel pretty excited because I now have 9 followers!!!! whoooo!!!!! (9 is a really big number too so that's really stellar). Okay so I know that the new year started yesterday, but I only just now came up with new year's resolutions! (Better late than never! Haha!) So here they are....
1.) I want to learn a new lifelong skill! (like skateboarding..... or knife juggling! Haha!)
2.) I want to have more self confidence because that is something I am lacking of...
3.) I'm going to start being more organized, because ya. I'm not good at that :P

So yesterday I decided to clean my room! (I honestly don't know what I was thinking). But it was one of those things where your mom keeps yelling at you to clean it.
"Katelynn you need to clean your room! You can't even see the floor!" That's when I said,
"But I know where everything is and isn't that the point of keeping rooms clean is so you can find stuff?"
"Ya but I can barely open the door because there's so much stuff in front of it!"
So ya then my mom gets mad and just leaves.

I think to make life more interesting, I'm going to start changing things up. Maybe I'll do my hair differently or start doing different "after school activities" :P.

Exclamation points are one of the most tubular things in the world! It's crazy that just a line and a dot can make something that much more exciting!

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