Friday, December 31, 2010

Nothing Important Here

WOW! Okay so I haven't posted anything since amillion and 3 years ago! So sorry about that! But ya so its winter break and it has been colder than a monkey lately! No joke I'm pretty sure it's 12 degrees outside right now. The only good things about winter break are: no school (duh), there's Christmas and New Years, and you have time to do all the crazy things that you usually don't have time for. So ya, I guess winter break really isn't that bad.

Okay so I'm pretty sure that the kinnect for xbox is one of the bestest things in the world! It's beyond tubular! And then there's a game for it called dance central and it's purdy stellar! I would post a video of me dancing and such but I look kinda stupid so haha I decided not to :P

I have realized that this blog is sortof like a twitter for me, except I can right really long paragraphs about stupid and ridiculous things, unlike on twitter where you can only put so many letters or whatever. So this blog is like twitter on steroids! Haha! Take that twitter!

Ummmmm I don't know what else to put.... life is still exceptionally boring!!! MY LIFE IS STILL A BOWL OF UNSEASONED SPAGHETTI!!!!


  1. Haha well then you should start snail collecting!! That would be an amazing seasoning to your life!

  2. I just found your blog and it is really cool!! I am now a follower!!

  3. Hey I'm one of Addie's friends! I saw the link on Something Beautiful to your blog and its priiity and funny! Lol i discovered Kinnect literally last night! I love your use of the word stellar!

  4. Your blog is so cool, I can't believe I haven't come across it until now! :O Ooh, I've never tried Xbox, just PS2 and Wii :) Dance central seems awesome! :) Hahaha, yeah it's great having blogs, cause say on fb or twitter you can only write a sentance but in a blog you can write stuff that goes on for ages! Haha! <3