Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Life of Unseasoned Spaghetti!

So not much new has happened. My life has turned into one big bowl of boring. It's like a bunch of spaghetti without the sauce or anything on it at all! So I think I need to spice things up! And not with chili! Haha! So I decided that I am going to start doing things that I wouldn't normally do! I may even wear the color brown! Haha! But I seriously am going to change things up! So if ya'll got any suggestions please comment!

Yay! Christmas is so soon!! Haha! It's a holiday that you get to rip a bunch of paper and people can get you a ton of stuff that you may never ever need! Like a tomato slicer! Or a chimney cleaner! So ya what's like the most RANDOM gift anyone has ever given you? Mine was when my friend gave me a box of croutons! It was so stellar! Ya gotta love those friends that know how to get you a funny/yummy/amazing gift!

So I think that one of my new life long dreams is to start my own TV show. I want it to be really super duper stellar so I think I'll have it like and MTV reality show thing. OH MY CROSS-EYED TURTLE!!! It could be called Pimp My Stagecoach!!! That would be so tubular and amazing! That would be so cool! And then there can be like a theme song for it too! It can be like "My stagecoach brings all the boys to the yard! That's right it's better than yours!" Haha it will definitely be stellar!

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  1. Wow I would SO watch Pimp My Stagecoach :D Haha!